About Me

Linda Triplett is the author of two books A Mother’s Journal and Healing Reflections for a Grieving Mom’s Heart.

She has over 25 years ministering to grieving hearts and has always approached her ministry of grief support as a storyteller. Her desire is to reach as many grieving moms as possible with her story to help in a transformational process bring truth and life into their lives and to bring glory to God in the process.

Linda and her husband, Mark, live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota where Mark is a professional photographer and instructor.

They have been married for more than 53 years and have an adult daughter, Katrina, who is a mom and now a grandmother. Linda and Mark’s son, Adam, died in 1997 in an airplane accident at age 23.

Linda and Mark enjoy traveling together, staying active and always trusting God to greater purpose and pleasure in life.

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